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Oregon State University’s new Provost’s Faculty Match program will help the college hire gifted, exceptional faculty

October 26, 2021

Oregon State University’s new Provost’s Faculty Match program will help the college hire gifted, exceptional faculty. 

College of Business faculty are the foundation of our success and the ones who, ultimately, drive our impact. 

They bring passion, innovation, expertise and creativity to teaching. The opportunities they provide for students in the classroom and beyond are critical to creating the next generation of business leaders. 

College of Business faculty are at the forefront of business research, too. They answer questions about issues as varied as the effect green space has on entrepreneurial performance, how real-time communications in crises like COVID-19 and fires can support executive decision-making, and the role of curiosity in training new Army recruits — to name just a few. 

Our faculty resonate with Oregon State’s mission and embrace our collaborative environment. That’s why it’s critical to support them and their work as much as possible, especially with endowed professorships. 

“Currently, there are six faculty who hold endowed faculty positions in the college,” said Dr. Tim Carroll, the Sara Hart Kimball Dean of the College of Business. “We are grateful to have been able to offer those professorships to faculty who excel in their fields and embody the values we promote in the college.” 

The college’s goal, according to Carroll, is to create new endowed faculty positions in the college that will help recruit and retain the best and brightest business faculty worldwide who can advance the university’s mission, thrive in Oregon State’s highly collaborative environment and further build upon the excellent education we offer our students. 

“Endowed professorships can be incredibly valuable to a college’s reputation and motivating to faculty,” Carroll said. “These professorships let faculty know that we care about their work in and out of the classroom.”

Oregon State’s provost, Ed Feser, shares Carroll’s goals. This summer, he launched the Provost Faculty Match Program, which offers donors an incentive to support outstanding faculty – today and for generations to come. 

Through the Provost’s Faculty Match program, donors who create endowed faculty funds with gifts of $250,000 or more will leverage matching funds for the college or unit where the position is based. 

The matching program has the potential to inspire more than $12.5 million in private support for faculty.

“Endowed positions honor and support exceptional faculty who have achieved distinction in their fields,” Feser said. “These funds make a huge difference as Oregon State competes with institutions across the country to attract and retain outstanding scholars, educators, researchers and leaders. The resources generated by each endowed fund allow faculty to freely explore their best ideas, and that’s incredibly exciting.”

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