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Henderer Design + Build: 2019 EFBA Finalist “Business Renewal”

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October 15, 2019

Key milestones in the history of Henderer Design + Build

1994: Chuck, Dan, and Dave Henderer form Henderer Construction

2001: Chuck & Dave Henderer buy Dan Henderer’s shares due to an out-of-country move

2002: Hired our first designer

2004: joined Remodeler’s Advantage, an organization dedicated to the professional growth and improvement of residential construction/ remodeling companies throughout the US & Canada

2006: Rebranded from Henderer Construction to Henderer Design + Build

2007: Hired our first interior designer

2009: Named to Remodeling Magazine’s BIG50

2013: Chuck and Dave begin succession plan for Dave to take additional shares/ ownership

2014: Named Celebrate Corvallis’ business of the year

2016: Shelley Henderer joins the company as the office manager/ controller

2017: Dave Henderer takes over 100% ownership

2017: Rylee Henderer joins the company as an apprentice carpenter

Q&A with Henderer Design + Build, 2019 Excellence in Family Business finalist in the business renewal category.

When did the company realize that they would need to step in to educate young construction workers? What are activities that you provide high school students?

  • We’ve been aware of the aging of the trades for the past 5-10 years. It’s fairly widely published in trade magazines and blogs as well as the decline in younger people’s interest in them.
  • We participate in career days and special projects with various school activities, involving the kids as much as possible.
  • We allow internships and job shadowing as well.

What advice do you have about renewing a maturing family business?

  • Identify future leaders and involve them in the long term visioning process.
  • Be open to fresh ideas from future leaders and value their input.

What are some of the keys to your long-term planning process?

  • Looking at what has worked, consistently and what things have been less successful.
  • Don’t over-complicate things.
  • Understanding market trends & indicators.

How has your long-term view of the business benefited the family?

  • It’s helped us to teach the value of hard work.
  • We’ve been able to show how setting goals is beneficial both in business and life.
  • It’s also allowed us to teach patience and perseverance.

In what ways has your deep commitment to your guiding values impacted your business the most?

  • We have an extremely loyal clientele.
  • Our trade contractors and suppliers enjoy working for us and really act as partners because they know we will always treat them fairly.
  • We also are a company that people want to come work for.

What did your father, founder Chuck Henderer, provide to the second generation as a foundation for growth and renewal?

  • Dad always had, and still has, a strong work ethic, honesty, and unwavering integrity.
  • He also deeply cares about people and looks to help out the less fortunate or needy whenever he can.
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