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Fall 2023: What’s been going on this term? 

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What's been going on this term? Plenty! Another best in class Career Fair – and much more. Here are some quick highlights for you to catch glimpse of a day in the life of your college student!

November 30, 2023

It’s been moving fast here at the College of Business, and here are a few high points.

Because These Days Do Move Fast – We are Already Practicing Graduation Walk

We welcome the Class of 2027 with the annual convocation. New students parade the same route they’ll take to Reser Stadium in four fast years on graduation day. This is collegiate tradition at its best. Our students – just days into the many, many events at the start of fall term – will recall this moment when they walk in cap and gown in four short years.

Get the Scoop

After our Dean’s Welcome Night, all 28+ of our student clubs table in Austin Hall in order to recruit new members. There is something for everyone, from entrepreneurship to marketing to women in leadership to finance – this is such an important part of student experience. Many clubs are affiliated with the same professional societies that govern the career space. We encourage participation – for resume-building and just incredible friendships and networking.

Dinner with the Dean

Dean Tim Carroll meets with members of the Dean’s Academy for an evening chat and mid-term dinner. The Dean’s Academy brings together a small cohort of students for honors curricula, and thought leadership opportunities with the college and business community. Throughout the term, these students receive invitations from the dean to attend exclusive forums, seminars, and events. Dean’s Academy is a transcript-visible degree option.

All Business Majors Career Fair

The fall term Career Fair was held over two days (October 24 , virtually and October 25, in-person) and included more than 50 companies from a variety of industries. About 1,000 students attended in person and 500 engaged virtually, and had the opportunity to network with professionals, gaining insights on how to grow their careers. 

Here is just one perspective:

“In my mind, the College of Business Career Fair held on October 25 was the best ever, and I believe I have attended all of them. The level of enthusiasm with the students and firms was sky-high.  At the conclusion, I spoke with the Hershey team. They told me they were recently at Boise State and U of O, and this was the best career fair they ever attended.”

College of Business Instructor, Bob Longo

Additionally, many companies conducted interviews following the fair to allow students to move forward in the hiring process. Some of the companies that attended to recruit College of Business students were Cintas Corporation, D.R. Horton Inc.,  Daimler Truck North America, Domaine Serene Vineyards & Winery, Georgia Pacific, KEEN Footwear, Kroger Co., Pape’, Target, The Hershey Company, and many more.

Meet-Ups: Our Commitment to Mentoring and Networking with our Fabulous Alumni and Industry Friend

Meet-ups allow Oregon State alumni and friends of the College of Business to connect with students in a small group setting (10 to 12 students). This is the first chance first-year students get to practice the networking skills they’re learning in the classroom. Students are able to ask personal questions about their college experience, opportunities that they leveraged to get to where they are, and advice on how to navigate a successful college experience. This is a great opportunity for students to meet people and practice their networking skills while learning about how their successes started in college, and ultimately led them to where they are today.

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