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Parent Connection: A successful spring term – and opportunities ahead

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Spring term is filled with brighter, warmer days, and many exciting projects reach fruition after two terms of hard work. We want to point out a few things to keep top-of-mind for the end of year one – internships and medium-term planning for the coming opportunities at the college.

February 7, 2024

Your student has now completed almost two terms in Corvallis. Here are a few things that can help them prepare for the upcoming term and create summer plans to remain focused on their academic and professional goals. 

Encourage your student to explore

In a student’s third term at OSU, we would hope that they have begun to settle and find their rhythm here at OSU. It is a great time to begin exploring new clubs, intramural sports, travel opportunities, or learning more about different academic choices – the majors, minors, options, etc.  

Students often get caught up in the day-to-day scheduling of classes, homework, studying and sleep. But we know there is much more your student can gain from this experience on-campus.  

If your student is questioning their major, have them talk to an advisor or look into affiliated clubs. If your student is questioning how to find a stronger community, encourage them to visit the Student Experiences and Engagement Center.

If your student wants to be more active and get outside (especially in the beautiful spring months in Oregon), tell them about our intramural programs. There are so many opportunities for students to take advantage of, and spring term can be the perfect time to learn more and dive into all OSU has to offer. 


Job and internship search

Suggest making a plan for a job search or career research.The most successful College of Business students make informed career decisions and conduct research before applying for jobs and internships. Our Career Success Center staff and online resources can help students develop a thorough understanding of the process industries and companies follow when recruiting. 

Make a financial plan for the following year

Oftentimes in a student’s second year at OSU, there are changes to living expenses, whether moving off-campus, changing of roommates, moving into a Fraternity or Sorority Life House, etc. Additionally, your students’ goals may come with additional costs in the future such as studying abroad or a new hobby.   

Or you might just want to help your student think realistically about the costs of a college education and support their learning in basic budgeting. Whatever it might be, we encourage you to have these conversations now and use the last few terms at OSU as a starting place to understand the costs of a college education and plan for the future.  

Our team in the Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE) is also here to help. With resources around budgeting, scholarships, and navigating the costs of college – it’s an easy place to start. If you need additional support, our team will meet with you one to one, to help create a budget and look to the future.  

Reflect and set goals 

Talk with your student about their experience this far at OSU. Ask them where they’ve succeeded and where they may need to improve. As you hear about their experiences, start a plan about what they want to do next and how you can support them. Perhaps they want to get a job, volunteer somewhere, or apply to study abroad? Consider how you can hold them accountable for these goals over the next few months, while still allowing them their freedom to learn and grow.  

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